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Here to Win

January 20, 2017

LSU wrapped up their calendar year giving campaign with a 3 part email series that included a targeted strategy. The second email which was sent to everyone who had opened the initial email but not made a gift resulted with an open rate of 42.5%. This open rate reflected the engagement of this group and their continued interest with this LSU email series.

Here to Win

What we've accomplished this year


Farewell to Cardinal Farrell

December 8, 2016

The Diocese of Dallas teamed with MainSpring to create two emails that celebrated the then-Bishop Farrell's appointment at the Vatican as a Cardinal by the Pope. This monumental event was the source of much pride at the Diocese. Both emails included a video farewell message by Cardinal Farell.

Saying Farewell to Bishop Farrell

Celebrate Cardinal Farrell


Every Woman…Every Year! Website update

October 29, 2016

Spelman College celebrated their 10-year anniversary of the Every Woman…Every Year! website with an update of the site. A new feature was added – a gift calculator, which gives tangible items that gifts support on a daily basis. The site was ready for Homecoming 2016.

Every Woman…Every Year!


Life Loyal Fall 2016 Campaign

October 28, 2016

Alpha Chi Omega joined MainSpring for their fall Life Loyal Campaign email series. The audience was divided into four segments: general alumnae, VIP alumnae, alumnae who graduated from 1970-1980 and parents. The theme of this year’s campaign was “Add your name to a legacy that’s bigger than any one chapter could ever be.” Anyone who joined was automatically entered to win a Tory Burch tote bag. The send/resend strategy worked well and the campaign captured over 80 new joiners!

Alumnae email

70s/80s email

VIP email


ECU gives me an advantage

September 15, 2016

East Carolina University launched their Fall 2016 fundraising campaign with personalized emails for each of their main colleges. The email features a video introduction from the college's student and gives the constituents a chance to follow along with the student this semester through #myECUyear. ECU will update the template throughout the semester to continue to engage donors and highlight how their donations are making a difference on campus.

Brody School of Medicine

College of Allied Health Sciences

College of Engineering and Technology

College of Arts and Sciences


Insider Report

August 30, 2016

This Insider Report newsletter was created to drive awareness and engagement for the work at the Duke Cancer Institute. The newsletter contained feature stories, research updates and upcoming events focusing on the fight against cancer.

Insider Report


Because of you

July 26, 2016

Duke Cancer Institute thanked 2016 donors and asked them to renew their gift and continue helping Duke Cancer Institute in their mission to deliver individualized, compassionate care to every patient. The email showcases Duke Cancer Institute employees holding a thank you sign. The email send and re-send achieved a 40.9% email open rate and 4.2% click through rate, both exceeding industry averages.

Because of You


Thanks to you

June 30, 2016

Peter Morrissette’s journey with Duke Cancer Institute is featured in an email thanking all past donors. In a video link you hear from Peter and his family about his groundbreaking treatment and outcome at Duke Cancer Institute.

Thanks to You


Aggie Challenge End of Fiscal Year Campaign

June 22, 2016

UC Davis teamed with MainSpring for the annual Aggie Challenge to raise scholarship funds. This year’s theme was 8,000 donors in 8 weeks. They reached their goal with a mix of general messaging and segment-specific messaging throughout the 8 weeks. Each segment-specific email had a mini-goal along with a donor count tracker featured so that the viewer could keep track of their specific segment goal.

Annual Fund

UC Davis Email

Thank Goodness for Staff/End of Fiscal Year

June 12, 2016

To celebrate the Thank Goodness for Staff event on campus, UC Davis Health System targeted an email to employees encouraging them to enroll in payroll deduction or to make a one-time gift. Anyone who did so was automatically entered to win an iPad mini.

Thank Goodness for Staff

May is for Marist

May Is For Marist

June 1, 2016

May 2016 marked the first month-long giving challenge for Marist University. The "May Is For Marist” campaign engaged donors to not only give, but share their favorite Marist memories through all social media platforms. Marist reached their participation goal midway through the campaign and continued to engage with their audience achieving 144% of their donor participation goal by the campaign's end. MainSpring developed the strategy, email content, social media content and ambassador toolkit.

Quinnipiac University Email

Teaching students the skills to succeed

May 9, 2016

Quinnipiac University teamed with MainSpring to create a spring email campaign that focused on the exciting things happening on campus. Three versions were created to appeal to alumni, parents and law school alumni.

Law School

UC Davis Email

Celebrate National Nurses Week

May 7, 2016

The UC Davis School of Nursing joined MainSpring to create an email to celebrate National Nurses Week. The solicitation email featured a current graduate student R.N. who believes in the power of giving.

National Nurses Week

Duke Children's Innovative Care Email

Innovative care that changes lives

May 5, 2016

Duke Children’s gave donors the chance to support their pediatric research and patient care through a spring 2016 email series. The email story highlighted the life changing research taking place at Duke and gave donors the opportunity to continue their dedication to Duke Children’s. The MainSpring designed email campaign drew an impressive 49.5% email open rate.

Innovative Care that Changes Lives email
Your Support Changes Children's Lives email

UC Davis Email

Take a coffee break

April 1, 2016

UC Davis took an opportunity to reach out to their young alumni with an email developed by MainSpring that talked about how giving up one coffee a week can make a difference on campus. The email asked viewers to “Be the change” by enrolling in a monthly giving program and giving $10 a month.

Take a coffee break

UC Davis Email

Making a lasting impact

March 31, 2016

UC Davis joined MainSpring to create an email that focused on the word impact…how the research done at UC Davis makes an impact and how gifts impact that research. The email asked the viewer to act by making a gift.

Annual Fund
Parents Fund

UC Davis Email

One day, one envelope

March 26, 2016

The UC Davis School of Medicine capitalized on Match Day to send out an email that brings its alumni back to campus through a video of Match Day 2016 as well as asks for a gift in honor of the big day.

Match Day 2016

UC Davis Email

Employee Appreciation

March 10, 2016

The UC Davis Health System joined MainSpring to create a stewardship email for employees in honor of Employee Appreciation Day. The email featured a group from the Health System holding a giant Thank You sign.

Employee Appreciation

UC Davis Email

Your gift makes our students’ stories possible

March 5, 2016

To thank their donors, UC Davis collaborated with MainSpring to develop a stewardship campaign for each of its schools/colleges. Each school/college created a video showing gifts in action. The theme “Your gift makes our students’ stories possible” was carried throughout each email.

School of Law
School of Education
College of Biological Sciences

NYU One Day website

NYU Giving Day

March 3, 2016

NYU called on alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of NYU to join together for their first ever NYU Giving Day on March 3rd. The support for #NYUOneDay was overwhelming with NYU doubling their donor goal and raising over $250,000. MainSpring partnered with NYU on the Giving Day strategy, email communication, social media communication and toolkit, and website.
NYUOneDay Instagram Campaign Image
NYUOneDay Facebook Campaign Image